Content Planning for 2017

Content Planning for 2017

The secret to wrangling words to post on your company’s media channels in a timely and consistent manner is having a content calendar. When you plan the work, then work the plan, a huge burden is alleviated because you know what to say and when to relay it.

A content calendar not only keeps deadlines in plain sight, it also helps you get into a rhythm. You can designate certain dates of the week for specific tasks, and through this repetition that you’ll get into your writing grove. Before long, you’ll automatically remember to post website updates on Mondays and collect enewsletter articles on Fridays.

Content Calendar Tips
However you approach your writing tasks, utilizing a content calendar a.k.a an editorial calendar will be the most useful tool moving forward with your print and online communication. Following these steps will keep you on track and accountable.

Step 1
Creating a content calendar may not come easily to everyone, so start small. Determine your planning period: a week, a month, a quarter. If you try to do too much you’ll get overwhelmed, so keep the time frame manageable.
Step 2
Decide the top three communiques you’re scheduling. For example, news on your company’s website, Facebook updates and solicitation letters are the most important communication pieces you have to work with.
Step 3
Determine the number of times each particular communique needs to be disseminated. Select dates that are reasonable and consider national holidays when planning. Document the dates for the distribution of that content.
Step 4
Decide the topic or message you want to relay on the dates you selected.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have officially created a content calendar. Be sure it is visible so that you are reminded about the upcoming deadlines. Share with your team so they have the opportunity to provide valuable content by designated due dates. This simple strategy will ease your workload and remove the burden of last-minute content development. ■


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