A Corporate Story

A Corporate Story

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your corporate story be as popular and memorable as “’Twas the Night Before Christmas?” It can happen with the right elements that support your company’s mission and core values. People remember scenarios and scenes, not facts, figures or word lists, so create long-lasting organizational engagement through corporate storytelling.

Every great story has a backstory. In the case of a company’s history, this is the early beginnings; how the company was started. Typically, founders discovered a void in the marketplace; they identified a problem that needed to be solved. There’s a sense of pride that goes with accomplishing this feat, even if it took dozens, even hundreds of times to accomplish it. Backstories reveal core values, such as grit, perseverance and drive; qualities that should permeate employees.

Another perspective is relaying why the company exists today. How it’s making the world a better place, and how it can’t make it happen without reliable, dedicated and caring staff. Employees are the heroes in this story, and they are in control of the company’s destiny, not executives. Leaders give direction, but employees are the ones doing all the rowing on the mighty corporate vessel. The company can’t stay afloat or sail into new waters without the crew.

Relaying vision is a romantic and effective approach to corporate storytelling. Planting seeds of what could be. Guiding employees, potential partners and prospective clients from one imagination station to the next, painting a clear picture of where you want to take them and how they’re going to get there. It’s a clever way to fall in love with ideas and possibilities; a way to believe in the future that is beneficial to the both of you.

Engaging Story Elements

  • Identify the current situation.
  • Propose an idea.
  • Alternate what could be with what is happening now.
  • Determine a call to action.
  • End with the resulting glory.





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