Becoming a Better Writer

Becoming a Better Writer

I recently participated in a Meet The Pros night at The University of Texas at San Antonio, my alma mater. The students in attendance, hailing from Schreiner University and UTSA’s PRSSA, are majoring in communications, and want to enter the field of public relations. The burning question was “How do I get a PR job?”

I advised the students to create a portfolio of their work and to write, write, write! Public relations is 80 percent writing, in my opinion. The remaining 20 percent is planning and tactics. Writing content sounds easy but it’s actually more difficult than it looks. These were my words of wisdom to these aspiring professionals:

Writing Tips

  • Practice makes perfect. The more you write content, the better you’ll become.
  • Writing takes time, no matter the length of the piece you’re creating.
  • Limit editing rounds to three, to avoid burn out when proofreading.
  • Save each round of revisions as a new file. If your boss likes the original version after 3 editing rounds, luckily you have it and don’t have to figure out what it looked like originally

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