Content Calendar Fosters Creation

Content Calendar Fosters Creation

When it comes to writing blogs and social media updates, how you approach your honey do list of ideas and themes should be directed by a content calendar. Many among us are natural born planners and function according to a daily calendar. Others have a laissez-faire approach to productivity and just go with the flow.

However you approach your writing tasks, utilizing a content calendar aka an editorial calendar will be the most useful tool moving forward with your online communication. It keeps you on track, accountable and it fosters the creative process.

Plan ahead
When developing a content calendar you must see into the future. Though you may not be able to predict the future, nor do we always know what want to write about, conjuring up a plan is necessary. Look ahead into possible topics that you’d like to cover within the coming weeks or months.

You decide
Research information that is valuable and timely, identify with the audience you’re addressing, determine your channel of distribution and establish a schedule. Determine how often you’d like to complete a project, whether it be every two days, ten days or weekly, and then give yourself start dates and deadlines for each individual project. By simply documenting your strategy and topics, you’ve already eased your workload for the foreseeable future (or at least for the length of your content calendar).

Start small
Creating a content calendar may not come easily to everyone. Start small at first. Don’t take on a monumental task and, depending on the frequency of your posts, plan too far ahead. Plan a few weeks in advance, pick out the content that you’d like to cover in that span, do your research, hit your deadlines and before you know it, you’ve mastered this marketing element.

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