Content Maps for Presentations

Content Maps for Presentations

The beauty of a slide show is the ability to graphically display your content in creative and clever ways, but is your message coming across? A PowerPoint presentation is only effective when the message is clear. If you’re not using a content map to outline your story, chances are you’re missing the mark.

According to Alfred Mesquiti, CEO and founder of DeckSavvy, LLC, a pitch deck development company, the focus of a presentation should be the message, not the font or graphics. The purpose of a corporation presentation is to tell the company’s story in a visual and memorable way. Audience members won’t relate to statistics nearly as well as the company’s story, so Mesquiti recommends charting the story first, then filling in the presentation with supportive data.

Slideshow Presentation Tips

DeckSavvy begins with the basics, then organizes the content to ensure the slide show makes sense and flows naturally. The answers to these questions is the content that develops your corporate story.

Who are you?

What do you do?

How do you do it?

Why you do this?

What makes you different from the competition?

How can you help your prospective clients?

Before you begin pasting graphics, pictures and videos, start with an outline of the content first. As you would with a speech, start with a strong introduction. Different sales philosophies suggest emphasizing “this is why we do it” over “we’re better than our competitors because,” but the important thing is to have it all there so your audience can relate to your company first and foremost. If they don’t get what you’re about, they won’t buy what you’re offering. ■

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