Corporate Storytelling

Corporate Storytelling

Words are the most powerful communication tools that we as human beings possess and the stories we tell with our words can help form connections with other people beyond any factual information exchange. As a brand, the longevity and success of your business depends on the loyalty of your customers i.e. how often they will want to return to you. If your company has a story behind it, one that describes why the company was founded in the first place, what makes its product or services different from other companies and brands in the same field and what drives it, it transforms the company from an empty money-making enterprise to a living, breathing initiative and one whose objectives they are more likely to empathize with. One thing that is important to remember is that corporate storytelling is simply a way of marketing your brand’s content. It’s not necessarily something very complicated.

Remember, with every action of your business you are adding to the story your brand is telling. Be it an email, a social media post, customer reviews, the packaging of your product or the way your employees deal with customers, every one of these actions is an aspect of the corporate storytelling. Make sure that whichever aspect of your brand story your customer looks at, it tells the same story. Any inconsistency will create a lack of trust and ensure a good business-consumer relationship is dependent on trust.

When telling your brand story, also take a look at your target audience. Are you selling toys for toddlers thus making the audience their parents? Are you marketing books? Are you offering a shoe rental service for fancy occasions? Which age range are you targeting? How much money can that audience actually spend? Will this product appeal to them? Do they actually need it? Keeping this in mind you’ll tailor your story to appeal to the audience of choice thus making it more concise and achieving more with it.

The final piece of advice about corporate storytelling is to keep your story simple. You’re selling a product, not writing a saga and you don’t want your customer to lose track of what it is you actually do amidst all the fancy storytelling.

So, with all this advice in mind we hope you now have the resources to make a success of your business.


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