Creating an engaging presentation

Creating an engaging presentation


When it comes to pitch decks, you only have one opportunity to make your case in front of an investor or potential affiliate, so your presentation has to be on-target. Whether you’re asking for millions or partnering with another business, the key to a successful presentation lies in the content, design and execution.

Content is King

Since the purpose of the pitch deck is to give an overview of your company and its products or services, seriously consider what information your audience wants to know. The whole purpose for the presentation is to persuade your audience to buy into your idea, so anticipate their questions and address them in advance so the only thing they have left to say is “I’m in!”

Graphics are Prime Minister

A great graphic will grab the audiences’ attention in a good way. A bad design can throw a presentation completely off-track. Not only does it disrupt the flow of information, you’ve now lost your audience’s attention. The worst part of a design gone bad is that it breaks the comprehension of the message.

Test Your Message

Get another set of eyes on your presentation. Having feedback from a first-time audience participant will be extremely valuable. He or she can tell you where they got stuck or what they didn’t understand or if any of the graphics were distracting. Remember, your prospect will likely be as unfamiliar with your product or service, so a test run is a valid qualifier for the material you’re presenting. 

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