Creating Original Content

Creating Original Content

Developing original content is simple when you have a framework. Think of it as a recipe for creative collateral: a pinch of inspiration, a dash of wit and a scoop of organization for good measure

Starting from scratch begins with your audience and key message. Once you’ve determine the main point of your communication collateral and who you’re communicating with, you can then determine the purpose: inform, educate, entertain or motivate. Identifying these elements before you begin writing makes the rest of the assignment seem like a cinch.

5 Step Process
To walk you through this, here is a process you can utilized to help you write original material.
· Write
· Organize
· Enhance
· Proofread
· Disseminate

Write – type the first thoughts that come to mind: words, phrases, ideas. Some begin with keywords and build sentences around them. Don’t concern yourself with grammar or punctuation, just let loose and write whatever comes to mind. Feel free to gain inspiration from others who have written about the same topic.

Organize – next review your opening sentence and paragraph to ensure it is supported by the paragraphs that follow. Then review all of your paragraphs and arrange them so they support your opening in a logically. If you give technical instructions, follow all of the steps to ensure your directions are accurate.

Enhance – hyperlink text to websites or other online resources to provide optimal support of your story. For example, if you reference a news article, then provide a link to that online article versus explaining it in your story.

Proofread – it is best if you have another person review your story. Having a fresh set of eyes will catch errors and will be able to validate if the content is cohesive.

Disseminate – before you publish online or print, double check all your work. Once its published, it is a permanent record for all eyes to see.

In closing, consider taking the reader’s perspective when reviewing your original content. Consider the implied meaning, be politically correct and most importantly, be original.

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