Everyone On The Same Page

Everyone On The Same Page

When executive leaders rely on corporate information to flow down the organization, sometimes facts and figures get skewed because information changes as it’s transferred from management to staff. How grand it would be if leadership had a simple tool to keep every employee on the same page!

I was reminded about the importance of this concept when Bryan Guinn of Prism Technologies Group demonstrated Windows Apportals at InnoTech 2015. The Microsoft product resides on the desktop, so when employees login, they immediately see tiles of information. Data on the tile ranges from sales figures to corporate news. The tiles can also be utilized for corporate communication, such as event dates, news briefs and social media messages.

Employee Engagement

The idea behind Windows Apportals is to display data in a single view. The real benefit of this technology is employee engagement. It allows everyone to be on the same page. When employees log into a desktop or mobile device, the tiles are the first things they see. The best part is that the information is displayed in real time.

Daily Progress Reports

Whatever your corporate goals are for the month, quarter or year, this technology allows management to report on the status of those goals every day. Tile-sized messages are very brief, and they can be updated quickly and easily. A health care company can reveal the number of patients waiting. An academic center can report attendance figures for the day. A service company can relay customer satisfaction scores. And employees can be inspired to reach company goals just by seeing how close they are to achieving them.

All In

Apportals enables staff to feel more connected to the organization and valued as team members. Post an inspirational quote from the CEO or founder, a corporate factoid or even a compliment at the end of the day. There are so many ways to use Apportals to relay information; the true value is the way it empowers employees to work for the betterment of the organization.

To learn how Windows Apportal can help your organization, contact our friends at Prism Technologies Group, an award winning certified Microsoft partner.

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