First-Ever Academy Award Fan Guide

First-Ever Academy Award Fan Guide

As a dedicated Academy Award fan for more than two decades, I was compelled to share my Oscar encounters to heighten the experience for other fans. “Academy Awards Excitement: How to Do Oscar Night Right. An Unofficial Guide to an Enriching Fan Experience,” instructs fans worldwide how to create an enriching Academy Awards experience in their own corner of the world.

Believing that garnering fan engagement is not only a win for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), but is also a score for the industry, cinemas and film as an art form, I wrote this book to provide fans a golden opportunity for an enhanced Oscar-viewing experience. At a time when consumer demand for quality content is high and user experience is paramount, the book bridges the gap between the action happening in Hollywood and fans’ participation. Every year, AMPAS has Academy Awards viewership measured, and in 2017 that number was the lowest since 2008, according to Nielsen data released by the Walt Disney Company. If only 10 percent of the 32.9 million viewers in 2017 had known the rules of engagement as directed in my book, it would have made a significant difference. It would have resulted in an economic gain for the entertainment industry, fortification of the movie theater ecosystem and a broader appreciation for film art and technology.

When movie fans haven’t seen the nominated films, they aren’t emotionally invested in the contest. When Oscar fans have viewed the nominated films, a connection forms. Regardless of whether or not they liked the films, they will nonetheless have a personal impression of the films’ artistic and scientific merits. Having an opinion prompts interest in the outcome of the awards. The book reveals a series of best practices to instruct Academy Awards fans how to create an Oscar experience. I’m confident film fans who use this step-by-step guide will get more out of the ceremony and will be able to maintain that high engagement level for years to come.

An entertainment industry outsider, I discovered the inside scoop to creating a phenomenal fan experience. Having discovered valuable resources that are widely available yet hardly known to people outside Tinsel Town, I researched, studied and validated AMPAS’ public offerings. Prior to the publication of the book, there hadn’t been any robust guidance from AMPAS or other entertainment sources to reveal how people should engage, other than watching the televised ceremony.

The ebook has a 5-star rating, and the paperback will be released February 11, 2018. This publication is neither authorized nor endorsed by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.



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