Influencing Decision Makers

Influencing Decision Makers

When it comes to influencing sales prospects or other important people, there are a variety of techniques to sell your product, service or idea to decision makers. Most people who are pitching, position themselves as the one with all the answers to the prospect’s problems. On the surface, that “we can help” mentality seems noble, however the decision maker may not seem themselves in a position to be rescued.

For most professionals pitching a product, service or idea, the sales process happens over a period of time. Being that it happens over a series of touch points, my recommendation is to utilize that step-by-step process to your advantage by engaging your decision maker through storytelling.

Knowing that millions of people are willingly paying to be told stories on film and shows, and production studios are spending billions to create those stories, we should be using that same tactic to sell our product, service or idea. We’re hardwired for stories, so use it to bridge the gap between you and your decision maker. Storytelling is a powerful tool to create rapport, connection and trust quickly.

Having been trained by Duarte Communications, I utilize their methodology to create speeches, video scripts and slideshows for executives. The method is simple but it takes concentrated thought. It is easy to follow and it’s a distinct way for you to differentiate yourself from the competition and cultivate a relationship with your prospect, in addition to planting the seed of your idea.

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