Maximizing Digital Space

Maximizing Digital Space

Being that the attention span of online readers is only 3-5 seconds, it’s vital to hit them with your best shot in your opening phrase, sentence or paragraph. Are you utilizing your digital space with rich content or are you wasting it with meaningless words?

Enrich Content

More times than not, I see companies waste words trying to fill space on their websites, social media platforms and other digital spaces. Today’s audience is on the go, and browsing online on a mobile device when they have a minute to spare is the norm. People want information and they want it quickly, with as few clicks as possible. Businesses take up needless space welcoming online visitors instead of getting to the core of why they’re the firm of choice. Being number one or the best-selling brand in the industry is great, but who cares? Just you. Enrich content so that consumers know in a nutshell why they should do business with you.

Rewrite Your Content

If your company does not relays its unique selling point right off the bat, then you need to rewrite your content. Make note of these content tips for creating rich content. Start with this list of questions to help generate material for your digital channels:

  • How do clients benefit by doing business with you?
  • What value does your business provide clients?
  • How are you different than your competitors?
  • What are three highly impressive things that prospective clients should know about your company?

Key Messages

Under no circumstances should you relay that your company provides excellent service or quality products. That should be a given. Those are not selling points. Dig deep, then bring your true value to the surface and put it out there. Consumers needing your particular service or product will already have an idea of what they want from you, so make the decision easy for them by relaying how they benefit by doing business with you.  ■

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