Picture It Perfectly

Picture It Perfectly

Getting your message across to your audience sometimes requires an image or graphic to draw attention. This easy task is often wrongly executed because the selected image is often out of context. When mismatched with the content, readers loose interest quickly.

The secret to clearly communicating your message is to select images and graphics that enhance your content. Images serve two purposes: To attract your readers’ attention and to fortify your content. To help you understand, here are a couple of examples of what not to do.

A company posted a message on its social media platforms asking its online community to name their favorite place to watch movies. The picture that accompanied this update was a movie theatre auditorium filled with nuns. If the company serviced Catholic sisters, then it would be appropriate, but in this case, it isn’t.

Another company posted an update on its social media asking its online community members to name their most prized movie-related possession. The picture that accompanied the update was a picture of people of the 1950s wearing 3D glasses in a movie theatre. Back then, 3D glasses were a new technology, but this century they are pretty much disposable. The picture actually detracted from the message.

When posting pictures, make sure they are appropriate and relevant. Make sure they are royalty-free or that you own the license to use the images or graphics.

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