This Year’s Goal: Be a Broken Record

This Year’s Goal: Be a Broken Record

With the new year among us, now is the time to try a new communication strategy. This year, be intentional with your executive communication by focusing on one or two key messages to repeat throughout the year. Your goal this year is to be a broken record. Relay the same key messages over and over again, in different ways so the message and the meaning behind it penetrate employees, vendors and clients.

Repetition is magical. Think about it. We learn lyrics very easily. Why? Because we’ve listened to the music repeatedly and the lyrics are simple. There are instances where we haven’t heard a song in years, perhaps decades, and then when it plays, the lyrics flow out of our mouths like a river. Fascinating, yet true. So, make the magic of repetition work for your organization.

Developing one or two key messages to incorporate the company’s brand is ideal, however the main objective is to connect your audience to the company’s mission. This is important because it subliminally creates the meaning behind the message. On the surface, constituents need to know “Why do we do what we do?” It’s the reason for the company’s existence. When they know that reason, then they’re connected to the mission and have an improved perception of their role within the company.

Developing Key Messages

  • Review major communique from the previous year and determine key messages.
  • Review the strategic plan and determine the area of focus for the new year.
  • Determine how the corporate story continues in the new year.
  • Brainstorm five key messages and test them with a small group to ensure clarity, meaning and intention.
  • Select one or two key messages and schedule dissemination throughout the year on multiple channels.

The beauty of this strategy comes when you begin to see a behavioral change. Constituents connect with the messages and they’re carrying out that directive with pride, purpose and meaning. Not only do they get it, but they’re encouraging and inspiring others as well. ■




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