Words That Wow!

Words That Wow!

Smart business professionals know to KISS – keep it simple stupid; but although they try to make the buying process easy, most fail to impress the customer along the way. I was recently reminded of that fact when attending a lecture titled Customer Journey Maps, given by Judy Cotter at a Firecat Studios First Friday event. Providers of goods and services know their business inside and out, but do they know what the customers are thinking and feeling during the process? At what point do they WOW the customer?

Writing Rich Content

The same is true about content. How does your communication make your prospective clients feel? What are they thinking when they read about you for the first time? It is not enough to identify what your business does. Communicate why clients should do business with you. Hint: Relaying you have superior customer service or that you’re number one in sales is not it. Write about your differentiating factor or your expertise, or pinpoint three words that communicate your unique selling point.

Impressive Language

You don’t get a second shot at a first impression, so create content that will impress readers. Relay in simplistic terms what you do and how your company can relieve clients’ pain points. Remember that attention spans are short these days, so the more succinct, the better. Here is an example of content before and after revisions:

Before Revisions

Merre Safety, based in San Francisco with R&D manufacturing in Phoenix, develops and manufactures innovative products related to traffic safety and incident management, promoting a safe working environment for your highway employees.

After Revisions

We understand that redirecting traffic is the first order of business for construction crews and first responders when they arrive onsite. Being that the safety of your crew and others is a priority, we’ve developed a revolutionary new safety system that ensures workers stay out of harm’s way.

Writing Tip

The second statement is more powerful because it shows Merre Safety, the supplier is concerned about their clients’ staff and has developed a new way of ensuring the safety of crew members. Injuries on the job cost companies in more ways than one, so the implication is that this company has a new product that will keep employees on the job and out of the medical office. If your current marketing materials read more like the first statement than the second, revisions are necessary.■

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