To create content that is valuable, you’ve got to have quality time to write it. The content you read online and in print probably took hours, not minutes to create, by highly experienced writers.  The information reads easily because the professionals who wrote and edited it took the time to craft it with you, the reader, in mind.

No Shortcuts for Writing

Writing up with something quickly is easier said than done. Even when you consider content that has a low word count, such as social media posts, it still takes more than a minute to craft a valuable message.  Social media posts are usually brief, however, even professional copywriters who create the messages ordinarily don’t do it on the fly. They’re thoughtful about the content development to ensure it encompasses as much as possible.  For example, writers can easily take 15-20 minutes to create a tweet.  Although that might seem like too much time to create a 150 character message (basically two sentences), they take the time to draft, edit then proofread their work. Some writers even say they could spend more time than that because they want it to be perfect.

Put Yourself in the Readers’ Shoes

Content curation takes time even when you know what you want to relay. Although the process is typically different for everyone, it takes time to draft, edit and proofread it. Some research may be needed, perhaps confirming the meaning of words or the correct format of a corporate name.  For me, I spend a lot of time editing my draft, by organizing the sentences and paragraphs so the story flows logically and naturally.  My concern is to keep the reader engaged, so I reread the story numerous times to make sure the reader doesn’t get hung up on anything. When I finish, I usually let it sit for a few hours or overnight, then I reread it to confirm the key message and supporting material are inline. Then I have an editor review it. All of which takes time. ■

Don’t try to maintain your company’s online content yourself. We’ll keep the content fresh and engaging. You have more important things to do.  

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